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CHIBO restaurant for “Dine In”…(specialty is Okonomiyaki)..but LOCO.MOCO is a must!

CHIBO restaurant for "Dine In".

Beachwalk Waikiki has a Japanese restaurant called “CHIBO”….well known for it’s specialty called “Okonomiyaki” a traditional japanese pancake filled with a selected protein. Most popular is a trio of seafood items. Very creative as it has a mixture of thin sliced cabbage and then compacted together with all that goodness and flavors. They then top…

Italian Food Near Me…consider Pietro Kaimuki!

Italian Food

For you who is craving Spaghetti….Dine In at Angelo Pietro is a hidden gem. It has an Asian influence having its noodles always al dente. The classics are the main focus….Arrabbiata, Carbonara, Bolognese, etc. But is very creative using Uni, shoyu butter sauce and teriyaki ingredients to name a few. Is this considered as “Cheap…

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