Thanks to my sistah Nitah who gifted us a hot pot and hot plate! We took advantage on a chilly evening to create a delicious soup in Japanese cuisine called “Nabe”….it’s become so trendy with health conscious preparations. Shrimp, Arabiki sausage, Meat balls and fatty pork belly….it was all so tasty. Complimented with a variety of fresh veggies, Chinese cabbage, sour cabbage, Enoki mushroom, Tofu and veggie fish cake and don’t forget the long rice (transparent noodle).

The soup base was “Konbu” (sea weed). Adding Ponzu to the soup or as a dipping sauce is a must to enhance the overall flavor. You may have notices on TV we were watching Amanda & Felix Eats vlogs. We got hooked in following them and found some great places to go and try.

Especially to support our local eateries who has struggled during the Pandemic.

Kudo’s to Amanda & Felix! Enjoyed sharing this moment with you’all!

Notes: You can purchase hotplate set with propane at Palama Market approx $35.00. Cooking Pot w cover comes separately.