With ED drug prices as high as they are now, most people are shocked to find out how much they will have to spend on their health. But with the help of online pharmacies, you can save a lot because their price of medicines does not include rental and salary costs. Compare the prices from the pharmacies in Hawaii below with your local pharmacy’s prices to make sure that it’s true.

Costco Pharmacy

Address: 333 Keahole St, Honolulu, HI 96825, United States Phone: (808) 394-3318
Ranking: 4.4

They were very helpful in assisting me in choosing and ordering the breast pump that suited my needs. I am so thankful for their business. My names Allyssa and I approve this message:)

Costco Pharmacy sucks! Waited over an hour to get told they won’t fill my medication. No legitimate reason was offered; they had it in stock; they just refused. Medically retired Army Veteran, that is denied medication. 100% legitimate prescription. It felt a lot like discrimination based on the medication. I was profiled based on the name of the medication. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this is a violation of my rights. Not only that but what the pharmacist did, denying to fill my medication, in the way it was done, it was as if they were “practicing” medicine. Which a pharmacist can NOT do. They are not a licensed medical doctor. This one wasn’t at least. I know of some pharmacists that are also MDs. So now, not only will the pharmacist, assistant pharmacist and store will be reported to the ADA for violating my rights. The pharmacist is also going to be reported to the Medical Board of GA for practicing medicine without a valid license, which by the way, is a felony. It can result in very large fines, a long prison sentence, and also revocation of pharmacist license. It can be any or all three in any combination. There are also a few other places I could report them for this, but those are the two big ones. This is not the only one in my area that did this. I have a list of nearly 20 local pharmacies that denied filling my legal prescription. These will all be reported to the ADA as well. This just adds fuel to the fire of the class action suit that is trying to get up and running. This lawsuit is against multiple big chain pharmacies. It is all public record. Look up, an article called “When legitimate prescriptions are illegally denied.” It is written by an MD that is also a pharmacist. He is the advocate for reporting incidents like this one. This place needs a little compassion and more intelligent employees. WORST PHARMACY IN METRO ATLANTA AREA PERIOD! Don’t even waste your time.

ED Means Pharmacy

Site: https://edmeans.com/ Ranking: 4.5

Easy drive-thru. Well, lite parking. Always very friendly. Pharmacy – top of the line. Love using my discount card + discounts on printed receipts! Love my ED Means Pharmacy!

Once again went to this place tonight and was met with the same rude, lazy lady. DONT tell me what is essential to my family. We need what we need, and that’s not up to you to decide….

Weinstein Pharmacy

Address: 846 Pohukaina St suite f, Honolulu, HI 96813, United States Phone: (808) 312-3437
Ranking: 4.2

Very easy to get in and out of nice people working here they will help you find anything that you are looking for.

Went there to fill a prescription before work, and the lady running the overnight pharmacy said they couldn’t fill my prescription because I lived too far away? When did living in Douglasville mean you couldn’t get a prescription filled in Carrollton?? She was obviously being lazy and had no intention of helping me. I’ll never shop at Weinstein Pharmacy again!!!

The Honolulu Pharmacy

Address: 1188 Bishop St #2303, Honolulu, HI 96813, United States Phone: (808) 533-8887
Ranking: 5.0

The Honolulu Pharmacy is the greatest one I’ve ever used. I live an hour away, but it’s well worth it. Getting my prescription has never been easier, and the staff is all so friendly.

One of the best pharmacies in the area. They go out of their way to make sure the customer is taken care of. This is yet another one of our fine locally owned and operated businesses.